How Do You Fix a Digestive Problem? Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Digestive problems wreak havoc on 22 million Americans. Pain, bloating, gas, and general discomfort are common symptoms of digestive disorders. If you experience any of these symptoms, you don’t have to live this way!

You deserve to find relief from your painful symptoms. Experience a better quality of life with a holistic treatment plan. Continue reading to find out the best treatment and how do you fix a digestive problem.

What are the Signs of Digestive Problems?

Signs like a swollen stomach and extreme fatigue point to possible digestive problems. If your eating habits have changed or you are turned off by food, it’s time to see a doctor. 

When you experience pain in your abdominal area, it is essential to schedule a visit as soon as possible. Doctors will rule out any severe issues masquerading as stomach discomfort.

A holistic doctor observes the signs and symptoms you present. They will run labs and tests to understand better what’s going on in your body. After test results and a thorough examination, they will give you a proper diagnosis.

Together, you will come up with an optimal treatment plan.


A change in bowel movements is one of the earliest symptoms of digestive problems. Loose and bloody stools point to an issue with your gastrointestinal health.

Gas, bloating, fatigue, and unusual weight loss indicate complicated digestive issues

Symptoms manifest in a variety of ways. Your body and what affects it are different from symptoms that others experience. The signs we list are the most common but not an extensive list.

Digestive Problems Treatment

Gastrointestinal issues ruin plans and make your life miserable. The treatment for digestive problems varies from patient to patient.

Your holistic doctor will prescribe a plan unique to you. Supplements, medications, and naturopathic tools will treat your gut health.

Dr. Febe Sieb knows the importance of health from the inside out. Tierra Wellness Center treats your mind and body together to achieve total wellness. Our team believes in combining nature and education to get clients feeling their best.

Stress and anxiety affect your gut health and contribute to more severe conditions. Take steps to improve digestive system function and get to the root cause of your digestive problems.

The goal is to allow your body to heal. You can experience wellness without the crippling symptoms of digestive problems.

How Do You Fix a Digestive Problem?

How do you fix a digestive problem without proper treatment care? It is almost impossible to do alone. Make an appointment with a doctor who will discuss your entire medical history.

Toxins in your bowels and inflammation in the body contribute to digestive issues. Malabsorption of food and nutrients negatively impacts digestive health.

Our office performs comprehensive diagnostic testing on each patient. Our tests give us an in-depth look at what lies beneath the surface of your symptoms. You are whole and deserve the best mental, emotional, and physical treatment.

Schedule an appointment with us today to start feeling your best!