How to Boost Your Cognitive Ability by Challenging Your Brain

Do you ask yourself, “how can I improve my brain’s cognitive function?” “How can I challenge my brain more?” “Are there exercises I can do to improve cognition?”

You, like most people, undoubtedly want your brain to function well and serve you as you age. Like your body, though, it needs workouts to stay fit and healthy. Likewise, your mind will cease functioning at full throttle if left unchallenged.

Here we provide a few exercises to improve cognition, challenge yourself, and ramp up your brainpower.

Exercises to Improve Cognition and Increase Brain Power

Read In-Depth Material

Research shows reading increases white matter in the brain used for data processing and communication. So perhaps you read plenty of material thinking it will keep your brain functioning at its optimum level. But is it a suitable material? The more in-depth you read, the better, such as comprehensive textbooks and novels, and your brain will thrive.

Challenge Your Memory

Modern gadgets like computers and smartphones lessen the need for good recall. Of course, they are assets, but, there again, your brain is even more valuable, and it makes sense to keep your ability to memorize intact.

Stop relying on these devices; remember daily schedules, travel routes, shopping lists, registration numbers, and phone numbers to improve your memory. Your efforts will pay off two-fold and also boost general cognitive ability.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful meditation can improve cognitive skills, boosting creativity, concentration, and compassion. It rewires your brain and can even reduce depression and increase happiness.

You can join a meditation class and practice traditional forms of meditating. Or, you may prefer to carry out daily tasks mindfully and reap cognitive benefits.

For example, when making the bed, focus on smoothing the sheets and tucking in their edges. Feel the temperature of the bedclothes on your skin and note their texture. Be mindful, pay attention to your movements, and notice your muscles work as you plump the pillows and fold back the blankets.

Reframe Unconstructive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is not good when you want to accomplish goals and improve your life. Unconstructive inner talk is hard-wired in the brain via a series of repetitions, and challenging it can alter how you think.

Reframing involves noting negative thoughts in a timely fashion and addressing them. When they arise, question their validity. Look for reasons they are inaccurate and reframe them into positives. Your brain will change to accommodate more optimism and foster self-esteem.

Create New Habits

Your old habits are automatic and offer little brain stimulation. New ones will ignite brainpower and create neural circuits. Make sure you adopt behaviors to aid self-development and improvement; your brain will support your goals.

Carry Out Single Tasks

People no longer consider multitasking a superpower. Research shows struggling to do more than one task at a time makes you inefficient. Instead, engage in one chore and focus on it to bolster your brainpower. Focusing creates superior results and can be more satisfying than the constant rush to do more by carrying out multiple chores.

Lifestyle Modifications

Taking a holistic, naturopathic and integrative approach improves cognition and increases brainpower. In addition, this approach will heal the whole body, mind and spirit. which enables you to incorporate the above exercises and easily make lifestyle modifications.

Improve Cognition

To learn more about holistic wellness personalized programs that will radically improve your overall health and well-being, contact Tierra Wellness.

We look forward to discussing how the healing power of nature can help you.

In the meantime, keep your brain functioning well with challenges; read, practice recall, and increase your focusing ability with mindful meditation. Rewire your brain for positive self-talk, develop helpful habits, and stop multitasking; your mind will be in terrific condition.