Taking a Break is Good and Necessary to Improve Brain Functioning

Resting is good. That may be contrary to your work ethic. Yet, taking breaks during the day can help you improve your focus and productivity. Change how you function by embracing the normalcy of implementing break times during the day.  

According to Robert Pozen, senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, “Taking a 15-minute break every 75-90 minutes is important to ensure the proper functioning of the two modes of your brain–consolidation and learning and focusing. Taking these breaks throughout the day can help your brain function more optimally and aid you in processing and retaining information more efficiently.”

Research completed by The Energy Project found that “You naturally move from full-focus mode to physiological fatigue around every 90 minutes.” Their researchers shared that it’s vital to start thinking of resting as usual and necessary in your daily life. Of course, you need to work diligently in your personal and professional life to achieve your goals. However, rest must become a more pivotal part of your day.

1. Embrace the Normalcy of Taking Breaks

You won’t be able to consistently add break times into your day unless you accept that it is okay to rest and relax daily–even when you’re working. This could be difficult if your employer is not on the same page. However, if you have a more flexible workplace environment, then take advantage of adding 15-minute breaks into your day.

If you work from home or have a busy weekend, make sure you take time to relax throughout the day. Embrace the normalcy of taking breaks daily. Reset your focus in this work-driven world. Value times of rest and relaxation so you can function to the best ability, especially regarding brain health.

2. Create the Right Schedule for You

Depending on the rigidity of your personal and professional life, you should create a break schedule that works for you. Make an action plan for implementing these breaks into your day. If you work from home, you’ll have more flexibility in how you rest and relax daily. If you work outside the home, set up a time to have an honest conversation with your manager about the optimal way to integrate a more break-friendly environment in the workplace.

3. Implement Personalized Break Time Activities

Maximize your breaks by creating a daily personalized activity schedule. Of course, the main goal of the breaks is to rest and relax your mind. However, it can be helpful for optimized productivity levels if you try different relaxation techniques during break times. For example, you could schedule times for meditation, yoga, light stretching, mindfulness practices, free writing, reading, or adding items to your thankfulness journal.

Make sure that you think carefully about what would work best for you. Don’t be vague about the relaxing activities that you plan. Find activities that are specific to your personal or professional needs so that you can optimize each break time throughout the day.  

Improve Brain Functioning

Daily stressors can cause you to function less positively and productively each day. Adding several 15-minute break times into your day can enhance your focus and increase your productivity level.

However, this is not always enough. Implementing another type of natural approach can be well worth it for you. Do you know anything about natural ways to have better health and live better? The Tierra Wellness Center would love to help you and discuss how we can bring you a wholesome and energetic lifestyle. A beautiful lifestyle that is long, simple and sustainable. And better yet will decrease your stress and improve brain functioning.

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