Changing lifestyle habits is hard. But, with the proper guidance, you can do it! If you’re tired of dealing with chronic illness or setbacks in your goals, a holistic lifestyle coach can help you change your life.

You may feel compelled to give up or think you are stuck in an unbreakable pattern. But there is hope.

A holistic lifestyle coach helps you get to the root issue of illness, stress, and more. Their approach to wellness and lifestyle differs from that of a traditional doctor or nutritionist. They look at your body as a whole – mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Febe Sieb is an NJ holistic lifestyle coach. Her approach to treating patients and helping them in their daily life is unique. Keep reading to find out more about Dr. Sieb and Tierra Wellness Center!

Dr. Febe Sieb

Dr. Febe Sieb is a board-certified naturopathic doctor. A holistic nutritionist and Reiki master, she loves helping others as a holistic lifestyle coach.

She is passionate about helping people live fulfilled and productive lives. She knows an individual must be healthy from the inside out to feel their best.

Disease prevention is at the forefront of Dr. Sieb’s mind when helping lifestyle coach clients. She helps clients achieve their goals through nutrition, stress, and lifestyle management.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Sieb treats the body as one unit working together. She created a unique diagnostic protocol, including an in-depth urinalysis and blood work. Her scientific approach combines Western medical knowledge with holistic practices.

Dr. Sieb specializes in gut health. She understands many illnesses and symptoms patients suffer from stem from poor gut health.

A combination of treatments can help clients heal their gut and end painful symptoms. Many find relief and healing through supplement recommendations, nutritional guidance, and toxin elimination.


Dr. Sieb’s mission is to give clients hope and allow them to live vital lives.

Stress management is rarely addressed in a traditional health office. Dr. Sieb knows today’s pace of life creates major stress on people, ultimately affecting their health.

Her mission is to work with clients to balance their life. This is done through nutrition support, lifestyle recommendations, and comprehensive health care.

What to Expect from a Holistic Lifestyle Coach

A holistic coach wants to help you in every part of your life. It’s not just about your workouts or what you eat. Many clients are surprised when they are given lifestyle modification recommendations.

Things like sleep, time in nature, and meditation are often recommended. These adjustments can be challenging for clients, primarily if they have never focused on these areas.

A holistic lifestyle coach walks you through each step of your journey – the good and the bad! Finding a lifestyle coach is a life-changing endeavor. If you are tired of trying the same things and not seeing results, a holistic lifestyle coach can help.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Near Me

Dr. Febe Sieb is New Jersey’s premiere holistic lifestyle coach. She and the team at Tierra Wellness Center are passionate about helping clients. They believe each patient is unique and deserves individualized treatment.

If you want help with chronic symptoms or need help adjusting your lifestyle, Dr. Febe Sieb can help!

Schedule a consultation with her today to start a new chapter of your life and start feeling better now!