How To Increase Productivity at Home and Work

80% of people in America want to be more productive in their lives, both at work and home. Are you one of those people? Are you wondering how to increase productivity?

Being productive gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps us deliver results. But if you’re struggling to be efficient, you’re likely looking for ways to increase productivity. 

If you want to make the most of your time, here are five ways to improve productivity and feel accomplished in life and work. 

Get Organized

Whether you want to increase productivity at work or home, staying organized is key. When you’re looking for an item and have everything in reach, this saves time and contributes to your productivity.

Decluttering your space and setting up an organized and clean workplace will significantly benefit you.

Minimize Distractions

Do you find yourself reaching for your phone when you should be writing an email or opening a new window to browse the internet? First, you must minimize your distractions.

Think about what distracts you most from your work and put parameters in place to curb them. This could mean turning off notifications on your phone or setting timers to get the job done. 

Practice Mindfulness

You may not realize it, but taking periodic breaks from your work will significantly affect your productivity. Everyone needs time away from work to clear their mind and reorient their focus.

During these breaks, take some time to practice mindfulness. Take a short walk, meditate, stay off your phone, or take a few deep breaths. Give attention to your emotions and consider the day’s events and how well it’s going. 

Now, speaking about emotions, they play a big part in productivity. Emotional stress can impede the healing potential of the body. Have you ever heard of Reiki? Reiki is an emotional energy balancing technique utilizing the energy of the sky, earth and plants to assist in the body’s emotional imbalances promoting physical wellness. To sum it up, Reiki is a safe technique utilizing the power of energy to heal.

Dress the Part

It may be very tempting to work in your comfiest clothes if you work from home. But if you need tips on how to increase productivity at home, you could start with your wardrobe.

The right clothes put you in the right mindset. Taking the time to dress for your job gives you a sense of pride, and you’ll be ready for conference calls if they spring up. And you will be surprised how much better you will feel about yourself.

Make a Checklist

Do you find that you have a lot to do and are unsure how to get it all done? Making a list and prioritizing tasks is an excellent way to increase productivity.

If you make your list at the end of the workday, you will be prepared to begin the next day in an organized manner. When making your checklist, start with tasks you don’t like. Getting them out of the way first lets you focus on other essential matters.

Increase Productivity

Becoming productive doesn’t happen overnight, but you will be on your way by implementing these tips. Not only will these new habits enable you to become more productive, but you will also feel fulfilled in your job and life. 

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