How Negative Emotions Affect Your Health and How to Deal With Them

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Negative emotions like sadness, anger, anxiety, or fear are a part of life. For example, 29% of the time, people experience anxiety. 

But how do you deal with negative emotions to promote a healthy mood? What are some healthy living tips to manage those negative emotions before they start taking over your life? 

If you’re wondering how negative emotions affect your health, or how to get rid of negative emotions, keep reading. 

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Health

Negative emotions affect your health in many ways. They may cause you to withdraw from family, friends, and life in general. They may cause you to lash out at others. 

They may also cause you more serious harm like self-infliction, or turning to substance abuse. When you deny your negative emotions, they have the ability to create havoc in your life. 

Negativitys arises out of a variety of life situations such as toxic relationships, job stress, unmet needs, or the inability to regulate and manage your emotions. 

How to Get Rid of Negative Emotions

Getting rid of your negative emotions doesn’t mean pushing feelings away without acknowledging them. The best way to deal with your emotions is in steps. When negative emotions begin to creep through, here are some ways for managing them. 

1. Stop

When you start to feel a negative emotion surfacing, you should stop and pay attention. Ask yourself some questions: what is causing these feelings? Do you have triggers or an unmet need?

Learning to stop and ask yourself questions about your emotions first will help you avoid unhealthy behaviors. 

2. Own

Next, you should own your emotions. This means that you need to acknowledge what you’re feeling and why. Without owning your emotions you may push them away and this causes more harm than good. 

3. Understand 

After owning your emotions, you should work to understand why you’re feeling what you feel. Sometimes this is hard, but understanding the root of your emotions gives you a better idea of how to manage them. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, or you simply need more sleep, but you won’t uncover these truths without understanding your emotions. 

4. Help

Finally, you can get help. You could see a certified health professional or implement coping mechanisms. 

For example, living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising regularly produces endorphins, which are chemicals that produce feelings of happiness. These can offset more negative emotions. 

You may need to change unhealthy habits or cut your workload to reduce your stress. Finding opportunities for hobbies, healthy outlets, or practicing meditation can introduce some healthy habits into your life and keep those negative emotions in check.

Don’t Let Negative Emotions Control You

Negative emotions can create unhealthy habits if left unchecked. Now that you know how they can affect your health and how to get rid of them, you can start living a healthy lifestyle.

A holistic approach to managing negative emotions is an excellent place to start. Contact the Tierra Wellness Center today to get started on your journey to a healthier lifestyle through holistic health and wellness.

Founder Febe Sieb is a certified holistic health professional and a board-certified naturopathic doctor. Febe also specializes in Reiki. Reiki is a way to heal by using the power of energy.