How to Take a Holistic Approach to Growth in Your Spiritual Life

If you desire to grow spiritually and strengthen your spirituality, you may want to consider taking a holistic approach to cultivating that growth.

You are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a physical body. Your triune body is unique to the human species. A holistic approach means you see the entire picture with all these; spirit, soul and body combined.

If you want to grow in your spiritual life, you may want to take a holistic approach to enhance that growth. You must focus on cultivating a healthy body, soul, and spirit.

This article shows how you can care for your three-part being and enhance your spirituality with a holistic approach.

What is Holistic Spirituality in Three Parts


A healthy body can enable you to live life more fully. When your body is healthy, you’ll likely be more prone to journeys of self-discovery to improve your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. If you’re constantly not feeling well, maintaining your soul and spirit health can fall to the back burner.

You can achieve optimal health levels by eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals and staying active daily through walking and exercise. Implement a regular exercise routine in your week. Whether you go to the gym or use a fitness app, you should exercise at least 3-5 times weekly.

Ask a friend or family member to become your accountability partner. They can join you at the gym or at your home to exercise. You may want to find coworkers to be your walking buddies during your lunch hour at work.


Your soul is comprised of your mind, emotions, and desires. A healthy soul can inspire you to set goals and achieve great things. When you are ‘heartsick’ or experiencing a negative mindset, that can keep you stagnated in negativity and unproductivity. Cultivating a healthy soul can be instrumental in nurturing spiritual growth.

Practicing mindfulness daily is one crucial way to foster growth in your soul. Take an introspective look to identify who you are and why you behave the way you do. Ask yourself to define you’re ‘why clearly’ or mission in life.

When you understand those things, you can use them to help center you through mindfulness. As obstacles come into your life, you can be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings—and remember your motivating factor to keep going.


Once you’ve cultivated a healthy body and soul, you can focus on growing spiritually. You may want to consider starting a journal to help you record your growth process and what you’re learning spiritually. Recording those things in a journal can make it easier to review them when necessary.

Those lessons will be available to you anytime you need the inspiration to continue your journey. You can use the journal to record three things you’re thankful for daily. Focusing on your blessings can open your spirit to more daily gratitude.

Create a plan for spiritual growth that is specific to your needs. That may involve spending time reading religious books and praying. You may want to be still and connect with nature. Use this time for deep reflection.

Remember to offer yourself grace each day since this is a learning process. You’ll make mistakes. Yet, that’s normal and okay. The key to experiencing true spiritual growth is to commit to a life-long journey of self-discovery.

Start Strengthening Your Spirituality

Feed your body, soul, and spirit through a holistic approach to healthy living. When your body and soul are properly fed, your spirit can experience exponential growth. If your body is unhealthy and you’re experiencing poor health mentally and emotionally, your spiritual growth will suffer. Taking a holistic approach to your three-part being can improve the trajectory of your spiritual growth in a positive and productive direction.

Get in touch with the Tierra Wellness Center to learn more about taking a holistic approach to spiritual growth and more. Febe Sieb is a certified holistic doctor and coach and would love to help you.